Tuesday, June 30, 2009

On Beauty, Wit and Glamour ...

If there’s one thing (aside from the penis) that is common to all Filipino gays, it’d be this: PAGEANTS.

All Filipino gays either:

* Have joined a gay beauty pageant.
* Have dreamed of joining a gay beauty pageant.
* Have watched a gay beauty pageant.
* or detests gay beauty pageants because they think it’s beneath them (but in reality, they just want to join one but know they couldn’t possible pass as “beautiful”)

I’ve only experienced joining a beauty pageant once - when I was in 2nd year college. I used to study in an all “boys” school from my second to tertiary education. Our gay alumni had formed an under-ground gay beauty contest called “Lion Queen”. There were 14 “out” gays in our batch (and heaven knows how many were closet cases). We decided to hold a mini-pageant so that the winner and the 1st runner up will represent our batch. We thought that if we did not have an official pageant, a lot of our batch-mates will join. If this happened, support will be scattered, ergo, we will have lesser chances of winning. With our pooled creativity, we named our mini-pageant ... “Lion Princess”.

We invited our straight friends and headed to a resort in Laguna to hold our event. I thought then that the pageant we were going to have wasn’t going to be serious so I went there not being so prepared. When I got to the resort, I was astounded with the fact that all of my friends had wigs, gowns, a couple of shoes, and tons of make-up. Two of them even brought their personal make-up artists, whereas I, only had a pair of bra, a pair of shoes, and a run-down pair of stockings.

I told them I wasn’t going to join anymore. They insisted that I should and they’ll supply the things I needed. I thought - “what the hell, this is a once-in-a-lifetime thing” so I went ahead. Since I didn’t have a gown, and my friends did not have any spare, I used a plastic wrap (yes, the same one you put in your food containers so that your food does not spoil). I wrapped the plastic around me splattered glitters all over, and voila! .... I had a couture gown. Luckily, I made it to top 5.

When it came to the Q&A, I heard the questions given to my friends were a walk in the park. They got questions like: “If you were to talk with the Pope about homosexuality, what will you tell him?” or “How did you tell your parents you were gay?”.

When it was my turn, the judge (a gay beauty contest expert from UST) asked me:

“If you were a cockroach, what would you do to help humanity?”

I though I just didn’t hear him correctly so I asked him to repeat the question for me. Surprisingly, what I thought I heard was really what he said. I thought he was joking so I asked if he were serious. He said yes. I faked a laugh then answered:

“If I were a cockroach, I’d ask all my cockroach friends to eat all the non-biodegradable garbage in our planet to save the world. Thank you.”

Because of my perfect answer, I landed 3rd runner-up (I failed big time from my judge because he said he wanted me to commit suicide as a cockroach). Suffice to say, my loss was our batch’s gain. Our representative bagged the Lion Queen title.

Back to the present ...

3 days ago, I got a txt message from my “kids” saying that two of them were going to join a gay pageant in a far-flung part of Zambales. I haven’t watched any gay pageants for quite some time already so I joined them.

Going there was like hell. We rode a bus that didn’t have an air-conditioning system. Thanks to the tropical storm Feria, it was hot, humid and stinky inside the omnibus because all the windows were closed. The bus was also full so we had to stand up for our dear lives for an hour and a half.

When we arrived in Cabanggan Zambales, we thought the pageant was in the town’s plaza. Our friends who went ahead of us texted that we had to ride a tricycle going to San Juan. When we got there, we had an inkling that it was going to be a disaster.

The t-ramp where the contestants were supposed to walk on looked haphazardly done. There was a temporary roof built to cover the “VIP Guest area” but the strange thing was, the part where the t-ramp is located didn’t have any roof (the middle part of the roof was missing).

My friends invited me to go to the “Green Room” where all the contestants were prepping. It was my 1st time to ever get a backstage experience on a real gay beauty pageant. The place reeked of sweat, make-up, smoke and hair spray. The good thing though was that the gays who were there to compete were friendly and everybody seemed to be happy.

The pageant went on and these are the most memorable quotes I heard ...

Contestant Number 7, Winner of Darling of The Crowd Award on his introduction:

* “Nagmula sa langit, bumagsak sa lupa, basag ang mukha. Narito po sa inyong harapan ang magpapatibok sa inyong mga puso, BABY Gandang Hari.” (From the heavens, I fell down to earth and smashed my face. In front of you is the person who would make your hearts beat, BABY Gandanghari).

Contestant Number 7, Winner of Darling of The Crowd Award on his casual interview:

* Q: “Do you think you are beautiful?” A: “Alam ko po na pangit ako. Pero sa loob ko po maganda YATA ako.” (A: I know that I am ugly. But I MIGHT be beautiful inside.)

Contestant Number 1, on his introduction, before backing out from the competition:

* “Sabihin n’yo nang ako ay baklang batu-bato. Sabihin n’yo nang hindi ako kasing ganda ng nanay n’yo, o kasing talino ng mga ate n’yo. Pero mag ingat kayo, dahil baka natikman ko na ang tatay n’yo.” (Tell me I’m a muscular transie. Tell me I;m not as beautiful as your moms nor as intelligent as your sisters. But beware, I might already have had sex with you fathers.)

There were a lot more but since it was raining during the pageant, I was concentrating on holding my umbrella so as not to get wet rather than listening to the crappy answers to the judges’ crappy questions. Aside from this, my ears went into total shut down as soon as I heard some of the contestants resorting to using quotes to make themselves the laughing stock of the audience just to muster some extra points from being the crowd favorite.

Like any other gay pageant, there was politics involved. All the special awards were given to the “local” contestants. My friends went home empty handed, even though they were the only two contestants from the top 5 who answered in passable English.

While waiting for the Hell Bus to bring us back home at around 4 in the morning, I started to think:

Why do FIlipino Gays love joining gay beauty pageants? If they joined the pageant to showcase their beauty, wit and glamor - then why do most of them resort to making themselves the comic relief of the audience by saying things that make them look stupid?

When will they realize that unless they take these things seriously, gays and transexuals who join these types of pageants will forever be seen by the public as mere jokes? Unless they do, people who watch the pageants will not see them as they are, inside and out - beautiful, witty and glamorous.

Some pictures from the event:

Rome (A.K.A. Rhian Ramos)

Mona (A.K.A. Lucy Marie Torres-Gomez)

Rome and Mona in their "Creative Costume"

Monday, June 29, 2009

A Filipina Bashing Filipinos Because She Doesn't Know How An ATM Works

Who said being a call center agent is all fun and games? ... this is, allegedly, a recorded conversation from a very irate customer ... This girl is effin crazy ... I thought it was funny at first but as the conversation progressed, i felt like I effin wanna slit this woman's throat using a spoon ...

Here is the "alleged" girl, belting out in public ... quotable quote? ... "lupa lang kayo, kalaban n'yo langit na!" (You are all just dirt, you're all fighting against heaven!)

Hearder Art: Angry by Tarelkin over deviantart.com

Sunday, June 21, 2009

AAA: Abscess, Abstinence and Alcohol

NOTE: Some parts (especially the start) is a tad disgusting. So if you have a weak stomach, please don't read ahead. I know most people who blog about their lives try to always paint a pretty picture of themselves. But as I said in my first post, this is about my life and it won't be complete if I skipped the nasty parts. So here it is ....

Being a good bottom that I am, I have read the "Good Gay Bottom Handbook" and always follow the third rule - Thou shall shave your behind before a bed bout.

The thing is, the last time I shaved, I was in such a hurry that I accidentally cut myself and didn't bother putting any antiseptics. A couple of days after, the cut got infected and it started to become tender and extremely excruciating.

It grew into an abscess and I hurriedly called one of my best RN friends, STAR. Star came to the rescue, armed with his arsenal of gauze, syringe, gloves, and other stuff I don't even know about. He tried to lance and drain the infection from the abscess. It felt so harsh that it was like being bottomed by 2 gargantuan basketball teams - all at the same time.

After lancing, Star told me he wasn't sure if he was able to remove all the infection so we called up our doctor friend - DOC SIO. Sio asked the details which I gave reluctantly. He then told me which anti-biotic to buy, and drink it every 6 hours for 7 days. Since SIO knew I drank a lot, he specifically told me to "Stay away from alcohol while you're on medication! And another important thing - stay away from alcohol while you're on medication!"

I felt like the infection in my behind moved to my throat and I found it difficult to swallow. 7 days of "No Alcohol"??? I mean, since my infection got worse, I already abstained from alcohol for 2 days before STAR arrived to lance my perfectly shaped butt. So DOC SIO was actually asking me 9 days of staying away from the poison that I love (aside from cigarettes).

OK, this skin abscess was really bugging me:
  1. It effin hurts like hell when the abscess gets even the slightest of pressure. So I've been basically spending the whole week sitting on one butt-cheek.
  2. I haven't had s*x because of it, and it looks like I won't be having any for the next 9 days.
  3. I won't be able to drink.

Being disappointed by the 1st two reasons is normal I guess. But when I thought about the 3rd, it got me thinking ...

Since I got back here in the Philippines for vacation last May, I've been drinking everyday. Okay, thats a bit of an exaggeration - I skipped 3 days.

I know most people who suffer from substance abuse are in denial, and will pulverize a friend into oblivion even if they politely say that one is an addict. But how do I know that I really am not an alcoholic?

I've refrained from alcohol (and sex) for 7 days now. I haven't had any seizures nor any bloodlust so I guess am not really craving for it. But the mere fact that I have been drinking daily and never realized it until I got sick ... is that a good sign that I am an addict??

The moral of the story? ... WAX, DON'T SHAVE!!! .. If you do not want to abstain from the things that you love, make sure you don't get sick!

Seriously though, 2 more days and I'll be off the meds. I can finally go back to drinking. Or should I???

(Header Pic: Glassical Emotions Series - "Drunk" by DonBertone of deviantart.com)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

iPhone OS 3 - Solution for FIlipino MAC Users Who Can't Restore after the Update (iTunes Error -9807)

After it was announced about 2 months ago via the Apple website, I've been one of the people counting the days until the release of the iPhone's OS 3 upgrade. I waited until dawn today to download and install the upgrade.

After the OS was installed, the phone restarted and I kept on receiving an error message to this effect:

"Problem connecting to iTunes Store -9807 "

I've tried refreshing and refreshing the connection to no avail. So I googled it up and also tried the following solutions which all DID NOT work:
  1. Going to UDF mode and trying to restore the iPhone in both 2.2.1 or 3.0 version.
  2. Creating a New iTunes Account to sync my "bricked" phone.
  3. Flushing my Keychain.
Please note that I am using an iPhone 3G (from Globe Telecoms, Not Jailbroken, No Illegal Aps) and a Macbook, so this procedure will not work for PC Users. After lots of research and "testing", this is what worked for me:
  2. Disable your Antivirus, whichever it is, including it's monitoring capabilities.
  3. Restart you Mac.
  4. Run your iTunes again ... and voila! Your syncing continues.
I haven't gotten around to playing with the OS 3 features yet so I can't say anything about it's quirks.

I hope this helped.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Nobody by Wonder Girls, The next Pinoy Gay Anthem

I honestly believe that this song will be the next Pinoy Gay Anthem. Why?

  1. The track reminds me of Uttada Hikaru's Soul Train Review. We all know that Uttada is like Asia's Madonna.
  2. Though you can't understand most of what the song says, the melody's hook is so girlie and once you hear it, your pelvis will automatically start gyrating on it's own accord.
  3. The music video and their live performances (see video clip below) have been nicely choreographed. The concept of having an upbeat pop interpreted via "mic-works" is so gay. I bet most gays who'd see the video below will look for the nearest mic stand to mimic the girls clapping their hands, shimmying their shoulders and gyrating their hips.

The song was released in South Korea by the girl group Wonder Girls ... Wonder Girls ... how can a name get even more gay??? ....

Here it goes .... Nobody by the Wonder Girls ....

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Love Confounded

After Marshall, I really didn't want to dive into another relationship so I painted the town red ... ummm, ok not just red .. more of maroon because of the intensity of how I wanted to get laid.

When I found out that Marshall already had a new partner after 3 days of our epic break-up, I thought that it was a sign from the supreme being that I can go back to the dating scene. It was a proof that my anxiety over the thought that I might make another visit to the ER if he found out I was already dating - was already up in the clouds.

My fisrt date was a disaster, as he had a tendency to be either "user friendly" or a "friendly user" (the latter being more probable). So I ditched him the next day.

The 2nd was OK. He was very intelligent, a good conversationalist and buffed to the highest echelons of buffness. The only problem was, he didn't like doing the "tumba la cama" on the 1st date. I thought that I was more feminine than this guy and I'm the bottom, so why is he acting like a high school girl who hasn't had any carnal thoughts? Again, I ditched him.

Me and my G4M posse (a website that is like a gay version of facebook/friendster) were planning a night out. I was online that afternoon and one chatter there, whom I'll hide under the name of Zorro, asked me if I were going out and if he can join me. I told him me and my friends' plans and he said he was going to pick me up from my house and go with us wherever we went.

Zorro and I had some exchange of messages before this. He messaged me after Marshall and I broke up. He was asking me how I was and after I said I was doing great, I chose to end our conversation because he might be a bigger blogger and would steal my life story from me.

When we were on our way to Jax, a comedy bar here in Olongapo, we were able to talk a bit about his life. He said that Marshall used to court him, right before Marshall and I became a couple. This made me think if Olongapo's gay community is really that small. I won't go into the nasty details anymore, but we instanly bonded because of our shared experiences.

The night went ahead with the regular ingredients of a gay party - smoke, booze and tons of gossip. We were pairing up Zorro with my non-G4M friend, Franchesca (who looks like JC De Vera). I really thought they were doing well and that they'd end up in a motel somewhere.

Frachesca announced that he wanted to transfer to Apozaga, a dance club in Olongapo. I told him I didn't want to go there because I didn't like the crowd and the ventilation was close to non-existent. So when the other part of the G4M posse said they wanted to transfer to a videoke joint, we went out. Franchesca said he was going to Apozaga but Zorro stayed with us. So off Franchesca went to fish somewhere else.

When we got to the videoke joint, Zorro started to become too close for comfort. I knew I had a tendency to misinterpret things so I asked him if he was hitting on me. He said yes. I said he shouldn't. He said he doesn't care because he likes me.

I told Zorro that he shouldn't say that because 1st, we've just met and 2nd, he already has a partner.

He told me that this wasn't the first time he saw me. Around 3 years ago, he said he was courting my friend Kiara who is one of the most prominent fashion designers in Olongapo. He said he's seen me with Kiara a couple of times, sporadically around our anti-lazy city.

It was then I concluded ... Olongapo really has a small gay community.

He said he already had a crush on me since then and he didn't have the guts to message me through G4M because when he first saw me online, Marshall and I were together already so he waited. I was trying to push away all his advances because though I like him, the circumstances were a bit too weird for my poor taste buds.

After everybody got drunk at around 4am, we all decided to go home. Zorro invited me to eat at a fast food first. He paid for everything, which was a 1st because I'm usually the fastest to draw my wallet whenever I was out with friends.

While eating, we talked about him and his partner.

He said that they have been together under one roof for the past 1-1/2 years. They are staying with his partner's family. Him and his partner lived on the 2nd floor of the house, while his partner's family lived on the 1st.

He had a job before but his partner insisted that he quit and just stay home as he can provide all of Zorro's needs. After a while, he felt that he was becoming a burden already so he tried to apply for various jobs. Every time he tried to get a job in Manila or Pampanga, his partner's parents would beg him not to get the job as their son gets really depressed whenever he left hunting for a job. So the parents were sure it would be worse if he left.

It's just lately that he's really decided to work in Manila under a Call Center Agency because he can't stand the relationship anymore.

He said he is tired of his daily routine of cooking, cleaning, and washing his partner's clothes. He is also tired of his partner putting tabs on everything he does. Since his partner is still a closet to his friends and co-workers, he has also gone tired of pretending they are not "together" whenever they went out with his partner's friends and office mates.

I then told him the following:
  1. He might just be attracted to me because I am the extreme opposite of his partner. I'm loud and spontaneous while his partner is discreet and pedantic. I exude a feel that I don't like him, that's why he sees it as a challenge that he should win.
  2. He is just bored with how his relationship is going on, that's why he is looking for an outlet, and I specified to him that I am not willing to be that outlet. I can be a freind to him and listen to all what he has to say and support him when he needs me but I cannot offer anything more than that.
When I asked him if he still loves his partner, he only spaced out in deep thought. I told him that there is a difference between love, pity and gratitude.

He then said that he was really only staying because he was afraid that if he left, it would look like he only used his partner so that he can get all the freebies of living comfortably for the past year and a half. I told him that whether he stayed longer or left now, he can't change how people will think of him.

I also told him that he should first asses what he really feels before doing things that can hurt their relationship. But when he is sure that he doesn't love the person anymore, he should end the relationship as staying with his partner without loving him would only hurt him and his partner the longer they stayed together.

Being in a relationship, whether gay or straight is extremely difficult. I think being in a gay relationship, and keeping it, is much more difficult. Why?

  1. Pinoy Gay culture is built in such a way that the LGBT community feels like changing partners is as easy as changing clothes.
  2. Look up, down, left or right and you will see gays abound looking for a relationship - paid or real. So there are lots of choices and lots of opportunities - in short - temptation is everywhere.
  3. There are no properties or children to think about so breaking up isn't a big deal to be thought of.

I've always been joking that since I was in 1st grade, I have always dreamed of becoming a mistress. But the thing is, when the opportunity arose - I backed out.

I really don't know if it's whether I wasn't attracted enough for me to disregard my morals ..... or if my parents brought me up really well for me not to want to destroy somebody else's fairy tale.

(Header Pic: Confused by burgeurqueen @ www.deviantart.com)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Innocence Asunder

I received a txt from my friend Pipes.  It read:

"Gncng k p fvor
Pki cend nmn mga bataz
rgrdng chld abuse

Molezya za bata

Lahat ng bataz d2 me za
prcnto e
My emergency kmi"

For non-Filipinos who read this, it basically says "Are you still up? Can you send me the laws regarding child abuse? A child has just been molested.  All the connected laws please, I'm at the police precinct now.  We have an emergency."

Because he knew I was online most of the time, maybe that's the reason I was the one he texted first.  So before googling, I sent him a message saying maybe they can quote the incident as statutory rape.  But after checking online, I read that for statutory rape to be applicable, the male's penis should have penetrated the victim's vagina.  This case would be applicable with or without the child's consent and with or without threats being made.  Statutory rape can only be applicable to girls under 16 years of age (originally 12).

I asked him right away if there was any penetration and what really happened.  He replied saying that his 8 year old sister just got off from school.  A guy who sells toys and candies outside their school grabbed her and brought her to his booth.   The vendor asked her if she wanted 100PHP.  The girl said no and was about to leave when the vendor said her skirt was dirty and started fondling her private parts. This was the only detail he gave me.  

I told him that they can't file statutory rape so it'd be better to go to the precinct's Women and Children's Help Desk because I know that all Police Precincts in the Philippines have this.  The people who man this desk are trained to handle these situations.

This made me realize something.  This isn't the first time I've heard of an underage being molested since I got back for vacation here in the Philippines last May 26 2009.  I've only been here for more than a month and this is the third case I've heard.

First was "Aria".  She was a friend's friend and we were drinking at their place.  While we were drinking, her father was talking with some friends and relatives and we overheard that they were going to a strip club.  Aria's father gave her money not to tell her mom and he left with his friends and relatives.

I noticed right away that Aria was a little bit rude to his dad so I asked her why.  She said "Ako nga hindi n'ya nirerespeto bakit ko s'ya rerespetuhin? (He doesn't respect me why should I show him respect?) Our other friends tried to change the topic but Aria went ahead and started crying.

She told me that her father has been molesting her since she was in 1st year high school.  Aside from her father, her cousin who was also there when we were drinking has also been molesting her since she was in 3rd year high school and that her father knew about this and didn't care.

When I asked her if she had tried telling her mom, she said her mom knows everything.  Every time her father comes home drunk, her mom would sleep not beside her, but with her younger sisters and she has always been left alone.  The only person who shows sympathy for her is her grandmother who lets Aria stay in her house.  But her grandmother couldn't do anything whenever her mom or dad picks her up to stay in their house.

At this point, I got really angry.  I asked her if she needed help.  I told her if she wanted to go to the authorities, I would gladly stay with her all the way.  But she told me she didn't want to and for me not to tell anybody who could interfere with what was happening.  She told me that she only had 2 years left in school and as soon as she graduates, she will move out of their house.

I tried to convince her that keeping silent about this only made it worse.  But she insisted that she didn't need help and I should butt-out because it was none of my business.

The 2nd was Arthur.  He was molested by his cousin when he was in 3rd grade.  This continued until his cousin moved out of their home when he was in 4th year high school.  Aside from his cousin using him, his cousin also resorted to aggressive acts like slapping him in the face and tying him up while being raped.  He believes that he became gay because of this repeated molestation when he was a child.

I've always thought of Olongapo as being a safe haven.  Our city has one of the lowest crime rates in the country.  If these things happen here, I can just imagine what is happening elsewhere.  It's really sad that innocent children are being victimized by these perverts.  But what is more saddening for me is why some of the victims don't fight back.

Is it because they have started to enjoy it overtime? Is it because of shame?  Is it because of fear? What should I do to help these victims realize that what they are going through isn't OK?  Is my "not butting-in" paving the way for these perverts to have more victims in the future?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

On Hustling Hustlers

When I went to Casey's pad, I already expected that everyday would be filled with uber gay activities and a consistent cacophony of earsplitting gay shrieks and laughter because his pad is like a watering hole of bi's and gays who live in the area.

Since I got there, every time the clock stroke 10pm, Cassey's friends would go to his house dressed like they're going to a photo shoot and drag our rosy behinds to O-Bar in Malate.

During my heydays in Malate, O-bar didn't exist. So the 1st time I went there, I noticed right away that they have delicious waiters who can all pass for extras in the movie 300. Most of the waiters knew Casey and his friends and we got special treatment from them (like reserved seats, no entrance fee, a "bodyguard" to pave our way when we go the the John since the sardines inside Ligo have more space to move on than in O-Bar).

After our third night in O-Bar, Casssey went out ahead of us to eat at the nearest fishball stand. When we got to him, he was merrily chatting with a guy who resembles Dennis Trillo (so from now on, I'll refer to him as Dennis). The guy was wearing a white polo shirt, which made him look like a priest's acolyte.

When we started walking, the guy followed us. Our transie friend, Janna, asked him where he was going, and Dennis said "Sasama ako sa inyo (I'll go with you guys)". I knew right then that he was a hustler/callboy/paid-lover. Cassey almost went into a coma because of the hustler's tactless answer. But before Cassey could shrug the hustler off Janna butted in and asked "May kasama ka pang kasing cute mo (DO you have friends who are as cute as you are with you)?".

Dennis just nodded and left. While Cassey and Janna were having a bout, Dennis came back with his friend and I did a double-back-hand-spring-to-a-full-twisting-layout! Dennis' friends wasn't cute ... he's a greek god disguised as a Filipino hooker. He was about 6 feet tall, had muscles I never knew would exist outside health mags and a face that resembles Janvier Daily.

The gays went gaga and forgot to put on their poker faces. So off we went to Cassey's pad.

When we got there, I was so tired and drunk that I opted to sleep in the couch while the gays were doing their thing. When I woke up, there was already a commotion and I thought I woke up in World War II.

The two Hustlers where demanding more payment. Janvier first told the gays that he should be paid 800PHP and he can be used by an army of gay nymphos. Dennis on the other hand demanded 800PHP per person, but since two of our friends were going to get his services, he agreed to get 1,200PHP instead of 1,600PHP for two persons.

After the gays were "done", Dennis started a moro-moro that he was to get 1,200PHP per person. When Janvier heard this he upped his price to 1,600PHP person. The two hustlers were making so much racket that Cassey was so afraid that his landlady would hear the commotion and would make things more complicated. He gave them all his cash and I volunteered to give the cash I had in my wallet.

The hustlers were demanding more money and said we were still short of 700PHP. Everybody didn't have cash left because we just came from a night out. I told the hustlers that I would just go out to withdraw some cash but they said they wanted to join me. I said NO because 1st: they might get all my money, 2nd I really didn't know the pin to my Credit Cards so I can't really withdraw money. It was just a spur of the moment "save yourself" thing that went on and I managed to escape without them noticing I've disappeared into oblivion.

When I got outside, I was so nervous that I didn't know what to do:
A. Go to the police / barangay hall.
B. Tell Cassey's landlady.
C. Go to Cassey's friends' houses nearby to get some donation for the "I Can't Pay a Hustler Foundation."

Both A & B would cause more drama so I opted for C. But the problem was, I knew the street where the bitches live but I didn't specifically know which house. So I went to the street, sat by the gutter, and was thinking of how I should angle myself in front of the camera when the media interviews me as a Sole Survivor of a Gay Mass Killing. My phone suddenly rang and Cassey was asking me where I was. I was on the next street sitting by the gutter. After a few seconds (40 seconds to be exact), I saw Cassey already looking haggard and half-running towards me.

He also didn't know what to do because he just lost his ATM and can only do an OTC withdrawal so we still needed a couple of more hours for the bank to open. The hustlers were already prepping their butcher knives at his home so he also flew like Tinkerbell for his life.

I suggested to borrow money from his gayfriends. He stood up and knocked on the gate that was in front of where we were sitting. A cheerful gay's head popped out from the 2nd floor window and told us to just come in. Luckily, Fall (the cheerful gay) had some money to spare so he lent us the 700PHP we still needed and he went with Cassey back to his house to pay our deficit. They told me to just wait there so that if anything else happens, somebody can go to the police and report right away. They told me to do this if they didn't text me in 15 minutes.

According to Cassey, the Hustlers left when he gave the remaining money and said "Ang lilibog n'yo wala pala kayong pambayad! (You guys are so horny, but you don't have any money to pay!)" before they left with a whopping 7,000PHP+ in their pockets.

That night (everything happened at around 9AM), we went to O-Bar to have another night out. Before entering the bar, we saw Dennis and Janvier exactly where we first saw them and they gave us a very friendly waive. The gays, being as friendly as they are, waved back and only Janna, Cassey and I pretended they were invisble.

Now I wonder, why do a lot of gays, bi-sexuals and BUY-sexuals pay for sex? Why do we still put our safety at risk every time we get hustlers from the street? Is it because getting a hustler is faster than doing the whole courtship thing with other gays and bi's? Or is it beacuase gays are just nationalistic by nature and they want to sustain the Philippines' growing economy by patronizing local produces? Honestly, I don't know.